Public Safety

Public safety is of the utmost importance regardless of where we are. Our Corpus Christi Police Department has done a great job of keeping our city safe, however, there is always room for improvement. Our police department is severely underfunded and understaffed. As well, mental health is a severe issue in our city and one that we can not overlook. As Mayor, I will ensure our officers receive the pay and further training they need and invest in mental health and social services to improve the quality of life for all of our citizens.

Small Business

Many small businesses have been left behind as the industry takes the forefront on the city’s agenda. We need to encourage entrepreneurship and support small businesses that also help to create jobs and boost our economy. As mayor I will give the urban community a voice at the table by working closely with small businesses to help our economy thrive and prosper. We all succeed when we work together.


Growing up in Section 8 housing and attending one of the most underfunded schools has allowed me to understand the current suffering of our children. While Texas may rank as the second largest economy in the United States, we unfortunately rank as one of the lowest states in education. We need to break this trend and strive to give our children the best education that they deserve. As Mayor, I will work with the city, state and federal government to bring in more funding for our teachers, our students and our schools. Lets invest in the future of our children so that they may thrive and help our city and state to shine.


The growing homeless population in Corpus Christi speaks to a larger issue happening in the city. Our leadership has pushed the homeless population into a corner without adequately addressing the root of the problem. Blanketing the issue of homelessness has also impacted our tourism industry. What our visitors see as they walk along Mcgee beach, downtown and even into the Southside area is an inability for our city to take care of its own people. Our homeless people have been neglected for far too long. As Mayor, I will work diligently to help the homeless through implementing programs that will help them get back on their feet.


One of the prominent and never ending issues about our infrastructure is our streets. Poor city planning and practices have implemented quick fix solutions that have cost taxpayers far too much. Corpus Christi needs leadership who understands that investing in our streets means using quality materials that will last and not wash away after the next rainstorm. As mayor I will make sure our taxpayer dollars are used for effective long-term solutions to fixing our streets.


Our veterans fought at the frontlines and placed themselves at risk so that every American may have an opportunity to live freely. Our city has failed at caring for our veterans and have left many of them as an afterthought. As Mayor, I will ensure that every veteran receives the care they desperately need because your service deserves more than a ceremonial thank you.

Senior Citizens

Our beloved Senior citizens have helped to build our community and it is our duty to ensure they reciprocate our appreciation. We need to invest in our Senior citizens with better programs that will ensure their overall quality life is improved. We also need to make sure they are protected during this pandemic as one of the most vulnerable populations. As Mayor, I will work to invest in our Seniors’ quality of life.


A few years ago, I collaborated with People Assisting Animal Control and together we were able to pay for dozens of spay and neuter services in the Coastal Bend. Spaying and neutering our pets can help to decrease the stray population in our city and allow for citizens to comfortably take their dogs for a walk.

Travel Industry

Corpus Christi’s sparkling bay, expansive beaches and beautiful wildlife attracts Americans from around the nation. However, when our tourists arrive they are met with our empty downtown and inadequate activities to partake in. We need to revitalize the heart of our city and bring life back to our downtown and beaches. As mayor of Corpus Christi, I will invest in our tourism industry by working with local businesses to grow McGee Beach and bring in revenue to the Coastal Bend.

Clean Water

Clean water is an essential part of life and is something everyone should have access to. We are all too familiar with the water contamination in Corpus Christi that affects the health and livelihood of our families and pets. As Mayor, I will make sure….

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